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Backstage Bloopers - The Homework it takes to Execute The Perfect PhotoShoot

Aren't icebergs the most beautiful natural monuments to behold? Did you know, that 70% of the iceberg mass is submerged under the sea, and actually, that’s what keeps the exposed part afloat? Well, that’s a fact that teaches us a lot about how much work goes on behind the curtain to execute the best play.

In terms of photography, the importance of this phenomena cannot be overstated. Usually, when we see a great photo, we attribute it towards the environment and the photogenic quality of the subjects. But, to achieve the perfect quality and moment, the subject and the photographer have to work together.

So, what do people do to get such amazing pictures of themselves captured? Or to rephrase it, what are the tasks that should top your to-do list when you set out to book a photo shoot, and after that, prepare for it? Not to worry, that’s the niche I’ll fulfill today, based on my personal experience as a photographer.

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Lightroom Enlightenment

In the 21st century, Photography as with everything else has seen a massive upgrade. Daily, millions of photos are taken and shared on social media and countless other platforms. One of the things that has changed about photography is editing. People now like to edit their images and then showcase them to the world.

Because of this edition to photography, some people are skeptical about the art. Some claim photography is fake art. That editing makes the image fake and unreal. However, just like any other artist, photographers like to push their imagination with their artwork via editing.

Hence, let me shine light on editing as a photographer.

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Spilling The Tea On MKEshoots

Iphones to Samsungs to DSLR’s all have/are cameras— and pretty good ones too. But is it enough to just own and use a “pretty good” camera to become classified as a photographer? Well, the answer is pretty obvious— no, no it isn’t. Just like any other profession, owning the tools, does not make you a professional in that field. Hence, the question remains to be answered— what does make one a photographer? The answer to this question is not that simple ..

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