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Murtaza Ezzy

Murtaza Ezzy

Who are we? 

    MKEshoots is a wedding/ family photography company based in Los Angeles, California. MKEshoots is owned by a lovely couple Murtaza and Insiyah. As a married couple/ parent, they understand the importance of capturing your event day perfectly.

Insiyah Ezzy

Insiyah Ezzy

According to Insiyah Ezzy, Murtaza, who started MKEshoots, is a photographer who is always running around with his camera trying to capture all the beautiful things in this world. His journey started a few years ago, when through Instagram he started sharing his photos and love of poetry. Since then, his passion for photography has only deepened. His love for exploring the world and seeing things through a different perspective, led him to explore the world of photography and enhance his skills to specialize in Wedding and Family photography. 

    According to Murtaza, his wife, Insiyah Ezzy, has had a creative passion for photography and writing since childhood. When she was a child, she would beg her dad to get her a disposable Kodak camera to take pictures on the last day of school in order to capture her memories. She was recognized by Los Angeles Pierce College for her photo story on raising awareness about "Hijab Empowerment" and published in the college newspaper.

Their unison for their mutual interests has opened a door to the world of creativity. Their motto is to “Capture a moment in Time.” Quite literally and figuratively. They believe that when the client goes back to the memories captured on their big day, they should relive their wedding all over again.


The goal is to go above and beyond their clients expectations and capture it as they envisioned. With more than 5 years of experience in this field, they strive to capture the timeless love story of every couple for years to come. They specialize in capturing candid photos especially the minuscule but invaluable moments at a wedding- the ones that make your heart melt. Photography is an art form, and they treat each moment as a piece of art.

Services offered:

Through their artistic, traditional, non-traditional and natural approach MKEshoots has a unique touch. MKEshoots only books one event per day, so rest assured that you will have their full attention. They incorporate flash and are experts in all conditions; including unexpected weather conditions. Service include:

  • Additional hours

  • Engagement shoots

  • One event per day

  • Hand-coloring

  • High-res images

  • Multiple locations

  • Online Gallery

  • Wedding albums

  • Prints

  • Metal & Acrylic prints

  • Slideshows

We have also been featured by AP news, Dawn News, National Geographic and other multiple massive Instagram accounts. We look forward to connecting with you and your world! Join us at www.mkeshoots.com to witness the wonders of the world around us.

For further inquires or to book us for your events or a photo shoot contact us below.

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